lifehub and lifehub home are adapted to the specific needs of the telemedicine application or teleassistance required and, above all, it adapts to the patient and the healthcare professional in the most varied clinical scenarios.


Home hospitalization

lifehub provides you with technology for the implantation and empowerment of in-home hospitalization units, connecting the patient to the hospital with the same level of care and having family support.
lifehub technology will be your ally for the development of high hospital early programs.


Difficult access areas

The lifehub solution is the option that for its functionality and cost that best adapts to the most difficult geographical situations. We carry the vital signs tracking system to the most remote or displaced areas and connect it to your medical center so that health care and specialist support is guaranteed.


Smart hospital bed

Converting the patient bed into a smart bed by incorporating the lifehub medical device is a reality. Unique point of collection of the measurements of clinical probes and communication for safe access to the clinical systems of the hospital. Boost the efficiency of your nursing service.


Follow-up of chronic patients

Chronic patients account for more than 80% of health spending in the more advanced countries. The correct follow-up of the chronic with telemedicine tools such as lifehub reduces the pressure on the public health system and insurance companies, while improving care.


High-risk infectious areas

The lifehub probes ecosystem has been designed under the premises of low cost and low consumption, so much that can be used in areas of high risk of infection and then proceed to their destruction in the most demanding health control protocols, without this entailing a high financial outlay.


Health transport

Early communication of the patient's condition in non-medicalized health transport can help to prevent public emergency systems from situations of risk to the patient. A simple user interface and continuous communication make lifehub be used by any paramedic worker.ambulancia